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  • Type Sexual Signatures

    Type Sexual Signatures

    Ra reveals how honoring our Aura Type is the key to avoiding negative interaction, and to attaining our unique sexual potential by entering into intimacy correctly.
  • The Way of the Generator

    The Way of the Generator

    Ra explores the "respondability", secret binaries, and Sacral energy that are pathways to the Generator’s signature: satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • Projector Empowerment | Part I: Lectures

    Projector Empowerment | Part I: Lectures

    The Projector’s vulnerability to the conditioning field can prevent their success and lead to bitterness. Join Ra In this 4-part, 3-hour, in-depth lecture dedicated to Projector empowerment.
  • Manifestor Manifesto

    Manifestor Manifesto

    We live in a world of Generators, but the 9% that are Manifestors have significant impact. Join Ra Uru Hu as he reveals how this unique type designed for initiating can navigate their challenges and find peace.
  • Reflector Reflections

    Reflector Reflections

    In this practical guide to understanding the Reflector process and purpose, Ra offers new tools to aid your experiment and transformation.
  • Sex and the Generator

    Sex and the Generator

    Learn how the Generator can engage in the most fulfilling sexual experience through the correct understanding and utilization of Sacral response.
Showing 1 to 6 (of 45 items)