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  • Raising Children According to their Design

    Raising Children According to their Design

    Understanding your child’s Design can help you see a unique being based on specific points in the BodyGraph. Discover the most important ways you can support health and development of your child.
  • The Penta & Family Awareness

    The Penta & Family Awareness

    Family is our earliest form of conditioning. Discover how Family Auras work, and how awareness of group dynamics helps us understand our role in family life.
  • Godless Perfection

    Godless Perfection

    NEW | How does giving our authority over to “God” keep us from fulfilling our potential? Join Ra in this newly available lecture that explores what it means to be nine-centered beings in a seven-centered world.
  • The 64 Evolutionary Steps

    The 64 Evolutionary Steps

    Go on a journey of our evolution from beginning to end. This is the only course that explains the sequencing of the 64 Hexagrams around the Rave Mandala and provides an in-depth explanation of each Gate. Now includes eBook.
  • You and Love/Sex/Friendship

    You and Love/Sex/Friendship

    How can we experience fulfilling love, sex and relationships? Join Ra for this new release, and discover how to free yourself of conditioning influences and remain uniquely yourself in relationships.
  • Transit Forecast | Q3 2021

    Transit Forecast | Q3 2021

    NEW | Peter Schoeber’s Quarterly Transit Forecast offers a 3-month look at the planetary forces at work, their conditioning influence, and how to be prepared for their impact on our lives and the world.
Showing 1 to 6 (of 37 items)