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  • Group Mechanics: The Penta

    Group Mechanics: The Penta

    Groups represent the main conditioning force of humanity. Learn how small trans-auric forms called Pentas dominate families, schools, and workplaces.
  • Group Mechanics: The Wa

    Group Mechanics: The Wa

    Groups represent the main conditioning force of humanity. Learn how large trans-auric forms of nine or more people called Wa impact humanity.
  • You and Your Family

    You and Your Family

    New Release | From birth, we are conditioned by group dynamics that pressure us to conform. Learn how to maintain your Inner Authority and resist the powerful impact of the Penta and Wa trans-auric forms.
  • You and the Program

    You and the Program

    How can we prepare for the changes 2027 will bring? Join Ra in exploring how the Program that has influenced us is ending, and how claiming our Authority can guide us in transcending this life.
  • You and the Other

    You and the Other

    How does Type influence how we relate to others? How can we understand the connection between two people based on their Type and auras? Join Ra in this 1- hour lecture on Type-for-Type connections.
  • You and the Shadow

    You and the Shadow

    Our Open Centers can draw us into living through the distortions of the Not-Self – but understanding them offers us access to our own unique wisdom.
Showing 25 to 30 (of 43 items)