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  • The Love Gates

    The Love Gates

    Explore the mechanics of love, connectivity, relationships, and take a look at the future of relationships. What are your Love Gates?
  • The Four Views

    The Four Views

    Do you want to learn the basics of Human Design? Join Ra as he breaks down the 4 essentials of a BodyGraph that point to simple decision making.
  • Incarnation Cross Clinic - Part 1: Lectures

    Incarnation Cross Clinic - Part 1: Lectures

    What’s your purpose? In Part 1, Ra introduces the mechanics of Incarnation Crosses and how it determines your life purpose
  • The Gates of Melancholy

    The Gates of Melancholy

    Everyone has mutative potential. Discover how melancholy from Gates and Channels of the Individual Circuitry can bring transformation through creative endeavours. Discounted until December 11.
  • The Senses of The BodyGraph | RA1.1

    The Senses of The BodyGraph | RA1.1

    This lesson explores our senses, both at the architectural level and, more mundanely, as tools that keep us alive, alert and in touch. Learn about each sense and how to align yourself with your architecture to experience life as you were designed.Topics covered: The Underlying Architecture of the B
  • The Gates of Fear | RA1.4

    The Gates of Fear | RA1.4

    Twenty of the 64 Gates are Fear Gates. Fears can have a conditioning influence, but also help us live our Design as they force our intelligence to grow. Learn how to move beyond the not-self use of fears that control you.
Showing 19 to 24 (of 43 items)