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Human Design offers us ways to recognize and understand the dysfunction and conditioning we experience in our relationships, and ways to participate with more awareness and acceptance of our own place.

  • A Life Story

    A Life Story

    A profoundly insightful learning experience, Ra examines the life of Eva through the perspectives of Human Design, from her birth to her family Penta, through her relationships, and culminating in her death.
  • Type Sexual Signatures

    Type Sexual Signatures

    Ra reveals how honoring our Aura Type is the key to avoiding negative interaction, and to attaining our unique sexual potential by entering into intimacy correctly.
  • Sex and the Generator

    Sex and the Generator

    Learn how the Generator can engage in the most fulfilling sexual experience through the correct understanding and utilization of Sacral response.
  • Aware Partnership

    Aware Partnership

    Individual awareness is possible when one follows the mechanics of their Type. But how do two people, together, become more aware? Join Ra as he discusses what it means to have relationship awareness.
  • Sex and Love and the True Self

    Sex and Love and the True Self

    Sexuality, relationships, and love are all conditioned by global cycles. Learn who is truly designed for sexual bonds, and how we can enter physical intimacy based on our Design.
  • The Design of Human Sexuality

    The Design of Human Sexuality

    How can we maintain satisfying relationships in accordance with our Design, now and during the changes to come? Join Ra in this fascinating exploration of human sexuality and relationship.
  • You and the Other

    You and the Other

    How does Type influence how we relate to others? How can we understand the connection between two people based on their Type and auras? Join Ra in this 1- hour lecture on Type-for-Type connections.
  • Split Definitions and Relationships

    Split Definitions and Relationships

    Anyone with a split definition is naturally inclined for relationships. Discover how split definitions are essential for teaching success in relationships.
  • The Love Gates

    The Love Gates

    Explore the mechanics of love, connectivity, relationships, and take a look at the future of relationships. What are your Love Gates?
  • The History and Future of Unrequited Love

    The History and Future of Unrequited Love

    Join Ra as he explores notions of love through themes of tribal support, mutation and Individuality, and desire.
  • Conditioning, Love, Mind

    Conditioning, Love, Mind

    Is wholeness only achieved through others? Join Ra as he discusses how Mind affects the potential well being of each Type as individuals and in relationships.
  • The Opening of Mating Season - Valentine's Day Deconstruction | RC8.6

    The Opening of Mating Season - Valentine's Day Deconstruction | RC8.6

    Valentine’s Day is widely known as the love holiday. Human Design takes a look at what drives us to be intimate, and how February of 2027 will mark a new era of love and bonding.
  • The Nine-Centered Being & Communion

    The Nine-Centered Being & Communion

    Join Ra in this new lecture exploring our evolutionary movement from a strategic to a receptive way of life, and how to achieve true communion in our relationships.
  • You and Your Family

    You and Your Family

    From birth, we are conditioned by group dynamics that pressure us to conform. Learn how to maintain your Inner Authority and resist the powerful impact of the Penta and Wa trans-auric forms.
  • Group Mechanics: The Penta

    Group Mechanics: The Penta

    Groups represent the main conditioning force of humanity. Learn how small trans-auric forms called Pentas dominate families, schools, and workplaces.
  • The Penta & Family Awareness

    The Penta & Family Awareness

    Family is our earliest form of conditioning. Discover how Family Auras work, and how awareness of group dynamics helps us understand our role in family life.
  • Partnership Analysis

    Partnership Analysis

    When 2 people come together, a partnership is automatically formed. Learn the complex dynamics of your relationships through in depth analysis, and discover the mechanics that exist between you and the other.