Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a listing of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. If you have a general inquiry about any of our products or services which is not included in the FAQ listing, please contact our office at to enquire.

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I'm new to Human Design, where do I start?

If you are new to Human Design we suggest you first visit our What Is Human Design page where you can gain a deeper understanding of the system. Next, we recommend that you calculate your Human Design Chart using our Free Chart Calculator

The next step is to have a reading by a licensed Human Design professional. This is an important step because you will be given a deeper, synthesized introduction to your design so that you can begin the experiment of living it. To find a Human Design professional, please browse the IHDS (International Human Design School) list of certified professionals.

In the meantime, we also recommend browsing the following free Jovian Archive resources: Stories & Articles, Free Media Library.

I don't know my time of birth, what can I do to get an accurate chart?

It is very important to have accurate time of birth in order to generate a correct chart.

If you are not sure you have the exact time, contact the hospital where you were born, or the department of vital statistics in the city/state you were born, or try locating your birth certificate.

Another possibility is rectification through an experienced Vedic Astrologer, or a licensed human design analyst may be able to assist you as well.

Not all Human Design Analysts offer rectification as one of their services, you can contact for a recommendation.  

How do I know if someone is a legitimate Human Design analyst or teacher?

If someone is a licensed and certified analyst or teacher they will either have a listing on our listing of certified professionals or on one of our National Organization websites.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at to inquire.

How do I find a Human Design Analyst in my area?

There are licensed Human Design Analysts and Teachers practicing all over the world.

To find an Analyst in your area you can view our listing of certified professionals, or visit your National Organization to find professionals in your country here.

If you do not find there is anyone in your area, almost all professionals offer Analysis and Classes online or over the phone.

I am interested in a Career as a Human Design Professional. How do I get started?

A career as a Human Design professional offers you the opportunity to work with and share this knowledge with others.

There are various different paths you can take toward becoming a professional: as a Living Your Design Guide, a Professional Analyst, a PHS practitioner and more.

Visit the IHDS website to find out more about the different professional streams and the course of study required for professional certification.

Where did the Human Design System come from ?

The Human Design System was transmitted to Ra Uru Hu in 1987 on the island of Ibiza during an encounter with a ‘Voice’.

You can watch the video of Ra describing his Encounter.

How can I meet other people who are involved in Human Design?

On our social networking page we have links to many Human Design social networks on Facebook, where you can meet people that are also interested in Human Design.

Where do I find the download links to products I have purchased?

Download and streaming  links to all your purchased products (Audios, eBooks, Software etc..) can always be found in the My Library page.

Please note that to access this page you must first Sign in. 

Is MMI Software Mac Compatible?

The MMI software application was built for the Windows Operating System and cannot be installed directly on a Mac

That said, Mac users do have several choices for installing the Windows Operating System installed on their computers and then running MMI on top of that.

The options available for any recent Mac with Intel processor are these:

  • Apple Computer itself provides a simple and free way (OS X 10.5 required) to install Windows through a software called BootCamp. It uses a partition of the disk and turns the Mac into a regular PC. The disadvantage is that you either start the computer with MacOS or with Windows, but not both. It is most suited for someone who really needs a PC and will use the Mac for occasional tasks. A copy of Microsoft Windows is required.
  • Parallels desktop for Mac offers to run Windows inside of the MacOS so that they can coexist and even share files and resources. Most suited for a Mac user with the need for occasional use of a PC. A copy of Microsoft Windows is required.
  • VMWare Fusion for Mac, just like Parallels, a solution offered by a different vendor.
  • Virtual Box, a free alternative, community maintained solution.

How do the Videos on your site work?

Jovian Videos can be played directly in the browser as many times as needed, and purchased shows will stay in the account permanently.

The videos cannot be downloaded to your computer, therefore a direct connection to the internet is necessary in order to watch them.

To browse through our video product visit the Videos page. There are also many free videos you can watch in our Free Media Library

To find your purchased videos, please Sign in and then select My Library.

A broadband connection is recommended (at least 1 Mbps) to allow it to play smoothly. In case interruptions occur during playback, a good solution is to pause the playing (using the first button on the left on the picture below), and wait for the player to preload content.

In the example below, almost half of the content has been loaded (light blue line over the black background), this means that the video is going to play smoothly. If the current time marker (circle between the orange and the blue line) was too close to the black line, this would mean that the connection is having problems to keep up with the needed income of data. Pausing the player and waiting a while would improve the playback.


The slider to the right controls the volume of the sound, and the last button on the right switches the playback to full screen.